About Us

United Group

“United Group” company was founded in 2013. It is the organization which is staffed by the team of skilled professionals. The company offers a full complex of construction and repair services of any type, including the both, construction of a so-called «black framing» and remodeling of “black framing” into the European-style. The objective of our company is to facilitate the most difficult processes connected with construction and repair, and to deliver high-quality and effective service to the customers within the shortest possible time.

  •  We build and repair:
    • Private and village houses
    • Offices and apartments in houseblocks
    • Constructions of any type and any complexity
  •  We provide:
    • Preparation of the project for construction
    • 3D design of the constructions
    • Selection of construction materials of any quality to satisfy customer’s demand
  • Supply of high quality construction and repair materials:
    • Parquet
    • Laminated flooring
    • Porcelain tiles, tiles, sandstone tiles (mettlach)
    • French stretch ceiling
    • Ceiling lamps of different type

Our company also makes a kitchen furniture both built-in, and for corner devices. We provide a wide range of kitchen furniture.

We offer market prices, which are cost-effective.  Our service aims to meet the requirements of the consumers and is based on mutually beneficial cooperation with them.

 «United Group» company

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